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About Roger Stanmore

Dr. Roger Stanmore is a physician and business owner with ample experience in emergency medicine, urgent care medicine and business management and consulting. He also has experience in providing emergency medical services and specializing in creating, maintaining and supplying medical and healthcare services in areas of need. Roger began his career as an undergraduate majoring in biology and chemistry at Southwestern Union College in Texas. He attended medical school in Nashville, Tennessee in a joint program sponsored by Meharry Medical College and Vanderbilt University. He subsequently attended a transitional residency program at the District of Columbia General Hospital which was under the auspices of Georgetown and Howard University. Roger completed the remainder of his residency in Brooklyn, NY with the Methodist Hospital of Brooklyn and Downstate University. Roger is a stickler for education and believes that with an education you can do whatever you put your mind to. Roger Stanmore Md, Jd

Roger Stanmore became a commission officer for the U.S. Public Health Service and worked his way up to the rank of Commander. For three years he designated underserved medical services in Alabama and ultimately received a Certificate of Achievement from U.S. Health Services Army Command. He was named Examiner at the Board of Certification for Emergency Medicine, and he continued to hone his skills in local hospitals and army bases. At this time, Roger Stanmore also joined a national initiative by becoming a flight surgeon for the State Department during the 1988-1989 mission to return Cuban refugees. He received a citation from the Assistant Surgeon General for his outstanding service in the mission. Till this day this is one of Roger’s greatest accomplishments and he is very proud to have taken part in this endeavor to help people.

Roger Stanmore earned a position as medical director for Fort McClellan and for Jacksonville Hospital. From here, Roger Stanmore took a position as co-medical director of what is now Huntsville Hospital and focused on emergency medicine for the next fourteen years. He served as President & Chief Executive Officer for a number of medical centers, infirmary health centers, and community army hospitals. Roger also directed more specialized programs; one of his most memorable experiences was heading the Trinity Semi-Automatic Defibrillator Program in Trinity, Alabama for seven years.

Since Roger Stanmore began building his career he has gained membership in a number of prestigious industry organizations, including the American Medical Association, the National Medical Association, and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Never one to get complacent or stop learning, after these fourteen years Roger Stanmore decided to return to school. This time, he enrolled in law school in Birmingham, Alabama to earn his Juris doctorate. He was a member of the Sigma Delta Kappa Law Society. In his studies Roger Stanmore concentrated on corporate law; he wanted to pursue medicine from the corporate side of the industry and be in a position to address the needs of individuals in health care.

After receiving his degree in law with a concentration in corporate law, Roger Stanmore decided to directly affect the healthcare industry by founding his own services. He started Decatur Emergency Medical Services, Inc. (the first city-based EMS system in Decatur, Alabama) in 1995. Decatur EMS was the sole 911 ambulance provider for Decatur. Roger Stanmore also created Gadsden-Etowah Emergency Medical Services around this time.

Outside of ambulance systems, Roger Stanmore created Urgent Medcare Inc., a company which provided outcare and urgent care services to the community. He had four units of this organization and sold them in Huntsville, Alabama, where they continue to thrive.

In addition to medical services, Roger Stanmore has put much of his business expertise towards supplying existing agencies. In 2002, Roger Stanmore started Americare Supply, a company which provided vital medical and dental equipment to hospitals and other organizations. Americare ran for over a decade and Roger concluded the company’s run in 2014 to focus on other pursuits. Roger also developed and managed the Stanmore Consortium, Inc. (TSCI and Affiliates), which is a holding company that was created for the centralized management of the aforementioned entities.

Resorts, Ltd. is one of Roger Stanmore’s favorite corporate endeavors. Resorts is a hotel holding company with ties to properties in dozens of states, including major tourist destinations like Florida, New York, Nevada, Washington DC and San Diego, California. Roger Stanmore has been the president and chief executive officer of Resorts for the past 11 years. He also ran another holding company, Hospitality Group, LLC, which worked on building hotels and developing retail spots, office buildings, and restaurant options for major chains, such as Hampton Inns and Suites.

Roger Stanmore was previously part owner of one of the largest trucking and transport companies in Mexico, and he continues to hold a small stake in the company. Roger Stanmore is currently working on a multi-level project which will allow health care extenders to provide services in all fifty states.

Outside of his career, Roger Stanmore enjoys traveling to major landmarks around the world, including Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya (a personal favorite because he is an avid hiker), the Nile, Paris, London, and more. He also plays chess and is currently learning how to play the violin.

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