When it comes to a person’s health, there is nothing more important. Due to the fact that the human body is a dynamic and ever-changing organism, it is common for men to experience certain health symptoms that are fairly normal and of little concern. Unfortunately, however, there are also a range of health symptoms that a man can experience that should be immediately investigated further by a doctor or a certified medical professional.


5 Health Symptoms That Men Should Never Ignore


  1. Persistent Lump – If a man ever feels a bump or lump under the surface of the skin and it just will not go away, then it should be immediately looked at by a doctor or primary care physician. Often times the lump can be a basal cell carcinoma, which is a highly treatable form of cancer.


  1. Urination Problems – When a problem develops that prevents a man from urinating normally, it doesn’t always signal a serious health problem. If, however, urinary problems persist then it is worth consulting a doctor over the matter. Prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and even colon cancer are all known to cause urination issues in men.


  1. Erectile Dysfunction – In most cases erectile dysfunction points to a serious underlying health condition. Kidney failure, high blood pressure, heart disease, severe hormone imbalances, and other serious health ailments can all cause erectile dysfunction. Any time a man starts to have frequent problems becoming aroused the matter should be brought up with a doctor.


  1. A Bad Attitude – When a usually happy and calm man suddenly starts to become angry, depressed, or easily irritated then it could signal a major health emergency. A sudden bad attitude or outlook in life can be caused by heart disease, early-onset dementia, clinical depression, a serious anxiety disorder, low testosterone, and other underlying health problems. A sudden change in personality should always be looked at more closely by a professional.


  1. A Cough That Won’t Go Away – While gastroesophageal reflux disease and chronic cigarette smoking can cause a persistent cough that won’t go away, it can also be caused by much more serious health problems. Heart defects, heart failure, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and other potentially fatal health conditions typically all start with a persistent never-ending cough.