A huge responsibility as a parent is teaching your children how to lead healthy lives. Many children learn by example; therefore by incorporating simple changes in your lifestyle, you can have a significant impact on your children. These healthy lifestyle choices can and will influence them the rest of their lives and help them make decisions that will not only keep them healthy but happier as well. Here are a few ways you can incorporate healthy choices into your family’s lifestyle.

Chores List

These can be as simple as cleaning the toys off of the floor, setting the dinner table, or doing the dishes and are a great way to teach responsibility. Make sure the tasks are suitable for the age groups of your children so frustration won’t keep them from finding a way not to do their chores. If you have multiple children, set a rotating chore list, so each day or week is different to keep it more interesting. This will also give parents more time to focus on important things like spending time together as a family.

Always Have Healthy Snacks and Drinks Available

Denying your children the “good” stuff like cookies and cake isn’t always a good thing. Moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By having healthy options available, such as their favorite fruits and vegetables, they will learn to choose options that will have more health benefits. Sugary drinks have lots of added sugars that can lead to health problems such as diabetes, so make sure to substitute water whenever possible.

Team Sports or Fitness Activities

Team sports are a fantastic way to keep your kids active, healthy, and have the added benefit of helping your kids make friends. Team sports can keep your kids motivated and excited about their weekly schedule. Kids often feel like they are a part of something important and it gives them a chance to excel in something they truly love doing. If your child doesn’t like sports, find a local activity such as dance or theatre that would keep them active and happy.

Gardening and Cooking as a Family

Having a garden where you and your kids can grow vegetables from scratch and then cook them together later is such a fun and unique experience. They will learn not only how to take care of a garden but also how to cook while spending quality time with you.

Have the Talk About Drugs

Educating your kids at an appropriate age can do wonders to help prevent them from trying drugs. Kids already learn by example so by not using drugs you have already set a good example but teaching your kids why they need to avoid them is essential to curb curiosity and teach them why it’s not a good choice.


Teaching your children to recycle can help you make a positive impact on the environment and help clean up around the house. Switching to a reusable water bottle and using re-shoppable bags are great ways to get started that everyone can participate in.

Technology-Free Family Nights

Plan a family fun night together with your favorite board or card games. Watching a movie together without phones is also a great option. It helps your kids have some screen-free time and encourages them to socialize as a family.

Volunteer as a Family
Regardless of where you live or the age of your kids, there are lots of options in your community to give back. Volunteer your time at a food drive or park cleanup. Have your kids choose toys and clothes they would be willing to donate and go as a family to drop off the donations. This encourages your children to help others and teaches them that being active in their community can have a significant impact on the lives of others.